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with Mojo's Army

Stevie Caldwell is a mom, a software developer, and an amazing singer/songwriter who fronts her own solo music project called And Then There Was One. She started this project in 2014 after breaking into the Boston music scene with bands October Arrest and Six Times Seven. Seeking a more personal outlet for her soulful, sometimes heartbreaking lyrics, she decided to try it her way and hasn’t looked back.

Her influences range from Fleetwood Mac to System of a Down, and her talents as a lyricist and singer shine through in her well-crafted melodic and sometimes angsty 90s flavored alternative rock.

And There There Was One – Stevie Caldwell Stirs Our Souls With Angst-Ridden Alt Rock
by Essentially Pop

And Then There Was One is the solo project of Stevie Caldwell, a singer songwriter from Boston, who cites her influences as Fleetwood Mac, and Hole. Not surprising then to hear that, when she first started writing music and lyrics at the age of 13,

"I originally wanted to write lyrics and melodies as beautiful as Stevie Nicks, and rock out as hard as Hole. Now I just want to sound like me."

by Sleeping Bag Studios

Solo artist Stevie Caldwell has got herself something quite interesting happening here through these latest singles she’s put out through her new project, And Then There Was One. With a range of sounds and a diverse versatility in her songs, these new collected singles we’ve gathered are certainly an indication of something great brewing up in Boston; Stevie has put out an exceptional song-writing effort here on these singles and demos…and I know I’ll be looking for the finished product when that album comes out already.

From the opening cut that we stumbled upon…”Good Enough For Me,” I could instantly feel that shiver down the spine created by a haunting texture in the atmosphere Stevie was creating.

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