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“I tend to write a lot of songs about love and interpersonal relationships” says Stevie Caldwell, producer and singer-songwriter behind And Then There Was One. Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, Stevie has been busy crafting a name for herself as a solo producer and musician with the ability to create music that blends a variety of genres.

As heard in her song, “The Longest Night” you can experience the deep intimacy both from Stevie's stunning vocals and her hypnotic melodies. She so easily creates an arrangement and instrumentation that is moving, spacious and inviting. Since the age of sixteen years old, Stevie has been experimenting with music and teaching herself several instruments. From creating songs on an 8-track recorder with a Casio and guitar, Stevie never let any obstacle stop her from further developing her skillset as a unique and original producer.


Not letting the music industry’s expectations get in her way, Stevie focuses on sticking to her original style through And Then There Was One, all the meanwhile finding her “tribe” as a musician and working with those who also share a deep love and appreciation for creating music. Stevie is an artist to follow as she continues to produce and share emotionally moving music that resonates with listeners from any corner of the world.

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