And Then There Was One is Stevie Caldwell’s solo project, an outlet for a very personal, atmospheric and powerful sound which finds its niche somewhere between genres: it’s rock at its core, flowing from mid-tempo melodic grooves into crunchy angst-ridden alt rock, which she describes as much like her personality –

I can leave sweet post-it notes around the house one day, and want to trash your car the next!”

In her heart, she’s a child of 90’s alternative. Moved by such wildly polarizing influences as “Fleetwood Mac for the pretty, and Hole for the ugly,” she is single-mindedly focused on getting her music out – out of the bedroom, out of her head, into the world – and has been releasing a single each month since launching And Then There Was One in the fall of 2014.

Considering herself a late bloomer with a lot of catching up to do, Stevie’s arrival on the Boston music scene in 2008 put in motion a series of catalytic events: following the dissolution of her jam band October Arrest, she helped form the power trio Six Times Seven in 2011, taking over lead vocals and guitar duties with bassist Ron Levine and drummer Dave Zimmerman. Going on to play to New England audiences who sometimes described them as ‘Joan Armatrading fronting Queens of the Stone Age,’ the band released an album called ‘A Lesbian a Jew and a Dave’ in 2013, and continue to be a force on the Boston live music scene.

The band was straight up rock and roll – while satisfying, Stevie continued to give life to song ideas beyond what was right for the band: emotional highs and lows that were so powerfully personal that they needed their own outlet. The solo project gave her the freedom to create and develop a sound that was deeply her own, resonating from the spark of her true self, and growing in significance with each new song.

A prolific lyricist, Stevie’s music is a roller coaster ride of emotion, cresting the highs and lows of love given and love unrequited, dreamy mysticism and self-introspection. At once lyrically compelling and musically enveloping, it’s easy to get swept up in it as it draws you in with a sort of ‘entre nous’ ambiance, the feeling that it’s very personal and ‘just between us.’

Once a music and theater major at Cleveland School for the Arts, Stevie is also a Wesleyan University alum. Citing her proudest moment as the birth of her daughter, she has always been moved to create, penning her first lyrics and songs when she was thirteen. Currently working on a full-length album of her original songs as And Then There Was One, you’ll find her playing live in and around Boston on her own, as well as with Six Times Seven.