I was participating in a GGChat and one of the question was “How do you set your goals?”. It was one of those moments where I can practically hear the needle skip as it’s lifted abruptly off the record. Goals? What goals? I mean, I have a goal to make music and release it and perform. Isn’t that enough? A week or so later I was catching up on the CDBaby DIY Musician podcast and came across an episode titled “Musical goals and predictions for the biz in 2016“. Here it was twice in a short span of time that I’d been nudged about making some goals and not floating along blissfully like a music-making balloon. So, in no particular order and after much deliberation, here are my 2016 goals.

Improve My Guitar-playing

shredI started playing guitar when I was 16. I learned chords using a Beatles songbook and learned to play along with songs I liked at the time (I loved cranking Suicidal Tendencies Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like Shit…Deja Vu and pretending like I was in the band). I had a shitty guitar with the highest action known to man, no knowledge about the hardware or care of a guitar (I don’t think I changed the strings once), and didn’t know what knowledge I was missing. Not much has changed. I know more about guitar in general and I’m no longer limited to basic bar chords and open chords, but I have zero skill in soloing or improvising. I’m going back to the basics and boning up on technique and theory/fretboard knowledge so that my playing can become a little more versatile and sophisticated.

Release an EP

This is pretty self-explanatory. It might not be the magnum opus I’ve been envisioning, mainly due to financial constraints, but given my ability to at least lay down decent-sounding tracks on my Macbook there’s no reason I can’t put out a self-recorded EP.

Attend More Local Shows

supportlocalmusicI need to get involved in my scene more. I’ve already attempted this by signing up to volunteer with Boston Hassle (although they’ve yet to respond) but I also have to get out to see and support more local bands. It’s not easy with a fulltime job, a wife, and a kid. My schedule isn’t always my own, but if I can get out every now and then to have a drink with a pal, I can certainly make time to support my scene.

Get Written Up in Some Local Blogs

I don’t know how to make this happen honestly but I’d love to get on the radar of noted music blogs like Vanyaland, Allston Pudding, and Bradley’s Almanac. I think my best chance will be a press release related to the EP, unless I happen to get on the bill of some acts that are favorites.

Get Played on Vanyaland 617

Because duh.


Drop Some Pounds

I know, I know, I see your eyes rolling. But honestly, losing some weight will help with my comfort and confidence on stage. It’d also be pretty cool for my health.

And last but not least…

Create YouTube Content

I’ve neglected my YouTube channel for lack of content. A lot of folks do covers but it’s just not my thing. I’m going to invest in a videographer to film a couple of live shows, and I’m also going to make a music video.

Are you a musician? How are you creating and tracking your goals?